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We provide guidance to architects, builders, engineers, contractors, property managers, designers & property owners to obtain all Building and Agency permits quickly. Our easy online intake form collects your contact information and your required services so we can assess your project scope and get started within 24 hours. Our knowledgeable team will perform due diligence to determine the most efficient strategy to be filed for the fastest approval and permits. We also provide construction management services to eliminate Stop Work Orders and keep your project on schedule & guide through for final sign off.

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About Approvall

Founded in 2014, Approvall has been advising clients for over 5 years with more than 15 years of combined expediting and architectural experience. Approvall is a company with building code and zoning expertise to help our clients comply with NYC complex regulations and city agency protocols in the building development and construction industry. Our experience with NYC Department of Buildings and other city agencies allows us to navigate the complex filing process and obtain approvals, permits & Certificates of Occupancy quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on the best client relations in the industry, providing personalized updates through our website client portal as well as constant communication.

What people say about us

Nachy Y
Secured Lease Takeover
Ever since our first encounter with Approvall we have been blown away by their exemplary service, exceptional client relations team as well as their experience to deal with NYC city agencies, from the minute we called we felt in the right hands, they were walking us through the whole project from the research and development phase all the way till final CO, we didn't talk to one city agency or professional engineer Approval was doing all the coordination for us while we were left with peace of mind throughout the project, highly recommended !
Sol G.
Approvall is been advising us through many construction projects and we wouldn't move an inch without them, the level of knowledge and expertise is unmatchable, it takes good people to build a good company and we owe a lot of our success to Approvall.
Paul A.
Antimano Group
My project was at a complete stand still, I had no one to turn to. After one intake form and one phone call, Approvall was able to answer all of my questions and get back to me with a thorough breakdown of what would be needed to complete my job. I cannot recommend this group of professionals enough!
Joel S.
CEO Artistic
Hiring Approvall turned out to be of the best experiences and decisions we had when we tried refinancing a building and needed to clear violations, an open work job as well as an audit, they were always one step ahead and the professionalism was shown at each and every step of the process. Approvall will have your back.
Sol Guttman
CEO of Weblew
We filled out the easy online intake form when we got a stop work order in middle of a small renovation project, as we didn't have the proper permits to work, after we asked prices from different companies and saw the difference in the approach of how Approvall's knowledgeable engineers were explaining & breaking down the process then sending us a reasonable priced & easy to read proposal a day after, the main thing we appreciated was the speed and response time, we felt like we have real professionals on top of our case. what an amazing experience.

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