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If you’re a property owner, or are in the process of developing one, chances are you are in need of a building code consultation. This will help to Identify the building size limitations, fire protection and life safety requirements, energy code compliance, complexity and cost of construction and much more.

In addition to understanding how your plan fits into the current building code, Approvall can help Identify when and how code compliant supporting applications have to be filed. This helps to reduce construction delays and gets you approved faster.

With our help you can quickly and easily have answers on number of fire exits needed, any railroad related issues for buildings built on or near one, and generally what needs to be altered in your plans to secure approval from the NYC DOB.

How our building code consulting works

By reviewing plans and providing guidance to ensure all code are compliant, helping to resolve stop work orders, and other common violations we are able to efficiently parse through everything you send us, find the missing links that are needed, and help guide you to approval.

We eliminate building code objections, stop work orders, violations through timely filing of supporting applications. Need help with energy code compliance? We've got you covered. Further we work to offer guidance to improve site safety and reduce construction delays.

All of this can be completed in two days or a little more depending on the complexity of the proposed site.  

if you have preliminary plans identifying zoning district, use group, construction class of building, architectural survey, boring logs and geotechnical reports, we can help. Need us to help secure any of the above for you? Give us a call and we'll work to get you everything you need for your NYC building project.

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