Secure NYC DOB Approval for Building and Design Plans

Don’t try to submit plans to the DOB just to leave empty handed. Trust Approvall to carefully review all your documentation prior to submission. Our service helps raise approval rates significantly, thus saving you time and money in the process.  

We provide guidance to architects, engineers, developers and contractors by reviewing their plans in detail prior to filing with the NYC DOB. By doing so we are able to eliminate zoning, building and energy code rejections. This ensures faster approval and completeness of plans and supporting applications to be filed the first time around.

How Our Service Works

Plans are reviewed in detail by our experienced and knowledgeable experts to identify common design mistakes. We look at everything, including code and zoning misinterpretations, common errors, current trends we’re seeing out of DOB when it comes to rejections, any potential violations that could arise, and more. All of this in an effort to provide best-in-class service driven by an obsession with being the most cost effective and efficient solution.

Save Time and Money

We’re fast. Enjoy quick comprehensive reviews by experienced, knowledgeable experts in NYC DOB codes, zoning and filing protocols today.

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