Comprehensive Layout Design Service For Fast Approval by NYC DOB

Layout Design

Approvall has amassed a comprehensive knowledge of zoning and building code requirements from years of service to a multitude of clients from diverse industries. With this deep knowledge and experience the company looks at projects holistically, understanding current market trends and all other relevant variables, to ensure the most efficient and profitable layout is approved in the fastest possible time by NYC DOB for construction.

How It Works

The first step it to meet with the client, typically property owners, architects, developers, contractors, realtors, builders, and the like, to discuss their needs and provide guidance on the practicality of the need based on zoning and building code restrictions.

Further, we look at what’s happening in the market that could influence the build. The analysis, prepwork, and finalized product provides the client with the most efficient and profitable layout that minimizes design changes during construction. This entire process ensures projects are completed on time and on budget.

The Value

Simply put, our service eliminates plan rejection form NYC DOB for building code and zoning non-compliance. In addition, the customized layout service eliminates redesign, and reduces approval time drastically.

Save Time and Money

Save months on the design and approval process, and save tens of thousands in fees and capital costs by choosing to use our layout design service. Fast approval at the NYC DOB is a call away.

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