Get Approved Fast Like a Pro with Agency Compliance Review

Let the experts at Approvall review plans and applications for NYC DOB formatting and completeness prior to filing to eliminate common NYC zoning and building code errors to secure fast approvals.

When we handle the compliance to agency standards review you can rest assured the result will be correctly formatted plans and accurate paperwork to eliminate common rejections and reduce approval times drastically.

What if you go your own way and wing it? Expect building department plan examiners to get upset and reject your app. Why? Because they hate to work with inexperienced applicants who cannot get basic formatting and industry terminology correct. This typically results in them  having no confidence in the applicant and issuing a lot of objections - throwing the book at the applicant - which can drastically slow down the project approval time.

Approvall reduces the number of appointments for approval after objections are issued from an average of six or more to two or less. We often secure approvals without any objection or rejection whatsoever.

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