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What Are Special Inspections?

Special Inspections are required to be performed by third party special inspection agencies registered with NYC DOB. The number and type of special inspections as required by the NYC building code department are dependent on the type of application and scope of the proposed work.

Special Inspections must be performed and documented during the construction phase as required by the NYC building code department. Many contractors and builders fail to have the special inspections performed during the course of construction. This creates many problems for sign offs and ends up becoming very costly to perform after construction is completed.

Approvall ensures that the special inspector is engaged and performs the required special inspections on-time during the construction phase thus ensuring compliance with the NYC building code. Eliminating delays and keeping costs as originally budgeted is the goal of a proper special inspections consultant like Approvall.

How Approvall Adds Value

Approvall coordinates closely with the special inspector and contractor and/or property owner to ensure that special inspections are conducted at each phase of the construction project as required by the NYC building code department. By getting involved on such a granular level we are able to eliminate costly delays and ensure smooth sign offs for certificate of occupancy.

The Approvall Difference

We provide experienced and qualified Inspectors at competitive prices who perform the required inspections on-time and provide guidance on resolving any non complying conditions.

We offer experienced, qualified, special inspections guidance and compliance services with competitive pricing.

If you have  a copy of all approved plans from NYC DOB and completion timeline let’s talk. If you need help with plans or constructing timeline, we can help with that too.

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