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Property owner, developer, or agent looking at acquiring, or recently acquired, land? Need a zoning study done to figure aspects of the build like amount of parking alloted, how many yards can be taken up by the building, how many floors it will have, etc? We can help. In fact, we are experts at commissioning precise zoning studies that are accepted and approved by the DOB - fast.

Why go with the experts at We dig deep into the fine print of NYC DOB zoning ordinances and laws to ensure we are giving you a fully compliant report that you can take to the bank.

How does your service work?
Typically we’ll start with a short meeting with the client to get an idea for the vision he or she has for the property. At this point we should be able to offer some preliminary guidance. Next we’ll do a detailed study taking into account all aspects of proper zoning like lot size, lot area, permitted use, gross area, deductions, height, setbacks, parking, yard, and more.

Once we’ve drafted up a plan of attack we will push the proper agencies to the letter of the law and code in an effort to get your zoning approved.
Here at we are known for two qualities, speed and efficiencently communicating your building plans to the proper authority to ensure success. You can count on us to get the little details right, so that big project of yours is not sidetracked. In fact, we treat every project as it were ours, and thus we ensure an expedient and high quality process.

Know what you want to build? Whether you have a rough idea, or architectural plans drawn, or anywhere in-between, we’re here to help you get the zoning study done on time and on budget.

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