We Help With 2014 Building Chapter 33 Requirements for Contractors and Superintendents

How it Works

NYC DOB BEST squad enforces all construction sites for compliance with the 2014 Building Chapter 33 requirements, and issues violations like stop work orders for any observed non-compliance. This usually leads to months of delays for a project.

How We Add Value

Approvall utilizes its expert knowledge of 2014 Building Chapter 33 requirements to provide support to contractors and construction superintendents by conducting sites visits that identify potential safety violations to preemptively have them fixed.
By being proactive we are able to thereby eliminate the potential for stop work orders and other violations. This prevents job shutdowns and maintains an accurate project completion time, thus saving owners any unnecessary financial burdens.

Common Issues We Help Solve

Stop work orders and other miscellaneous violations.

What We Need to Get Started  

Approved plans, contractors proposals, schedules.

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