DOB Audit Process Help and Building Plan Approval

How it Works

The NYC DOB can audit any application and issue objections during any phase of the life of the application, from filing to sign off, for many reasons. These audited objections will have to be resolved by revising the plans to comply with the objections.

How We Add Value  

We use our expertise, experience and drafting department to quickly provide solutions to the audited objections that lead to a resolution of the objections presented in the audit quickly.

Common Issues We Help Solve

Non-compliance with exit and fire protection requirements, filing of supporting applications, acquisition of permits from DOT, DEP, FDNY and other city departments.

What We Need to Get Started

Copy of audited objections and marked plans from auditor. Looking to get a feel for our services to see if we can help with a specific audit issue? Give us a call today.

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