Landmark Commission Approval Made Easy

How it Works

NYC Landmarks Dept requires that any proposed work in or on a designated landmarked building must be reviewed. This review must occur prior to the NYC DOB approving the plans and issuing permits.

Any alteration, reconstruction, demolition, or new construction affecting the designated building must go through review.
Upon proper completion of the review a approval is issued allowing for construction to begin.

How We Add Value

We use our expertise and experience to quickly obtain NYC Landmarks approval. By having a long standing relationship with the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission we are able to quickly assist in making sure the entire process of applying, having the review, and receiving approval goes smoothly.

Common Issues We Help Solve

Resolution to NYC Landmarks Commission violations. Solutions to NYC Landmarks Commission objections.

What We Need to Get Started

Ideally we would like to have proposed constructions plans as filed with NYC DOB. If you have those great, if not, please get in touch wherever you are in the process of your building project to see how we can add value.

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