NYC Building Permit Expediting Service

How it Works

After the receipt of approved plans permits are required by the NYC Department of Buildings. These permits enable contractors, builders, and industry professionals to perform the work described in the approved plans.

If the proper permits are not obtained NYC DOB will issue work without permit violations which carry large fines and create delays for months of time or longer.

How We Add Value

We use our expertise and experience to ensure that all required permits are obtained prior to the commencement of any construction, thereby eliminating fines and delays from stop work orders.
All of what we do is to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly and is completed on time.

Common Issues We Help Solve

Ensure that all required DOB permits are acquired.
Further, we help identify other supporting permits that are required by code are properly acquired from FDNY, DOT & DEP, etc.

We provide help with sidewalk shed, scaffold, construction fence, and construction equipment permitting as well.

What We Need to Get Started

Copies of all approved plans from NYC DOB to determine full scope and identify all required permits.

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