Finish The Job with With The Help of NYC Sign-Off Specialists

How it Works

All permitted applications from NYC DOB have to be signed-off. This is effectively a way of closing out the project.

Each application will have different sign-off requirements depending on the type of application and the scope of work.

Typically new buildings and alteration type 1 applications require a certificate of occupancy (CO) for sign-off. Alteration types 2 and 3 require a letter of completion (LOC).

Sign-offs usually require reports from architects and engineers, and various city entities like DOT, DEP, FDNY and others.

How We Add Value

We use our expertise and experience to coordinate with contractors, engineers and architects to ensure that all sign-off requirements are performed and completed on time, keeping sign-off time and resources to a minimum.

Common Issues We Help Solve

We help to acquire required permits, as well as special and progress inspection reports and sign-off from DOT, DEP, FDNY etc.

What We Need to Get Started

Building address and types of sign-off required, new CO of LOC.

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