A Property Manager That Understands The Unique Needs of Builders

How it Works

Approvall staff leverages their extensive knowledge of building codes, zoning regulations and other city agency rules to minimize violations. Further, we use this depth of industry knowledge to maintain a good working relationship with tenants helping keeping them informed of any potential violations, thus ensuring maximum returns to ownership for their investment.

How We Add Value

Approvall constantly monitors buildings online for complaints to regulatory agencies while performing routine physical inspections of the building systems, facades, and units to ensure that they are safe and fully operable.

Common Issues

Lack of preventative maintenance, heating and cooling systems failure, DOB and HPD violations, tenant evictions and so forth are all issues many builders and property owners face as they transition into managing properties. Let us help.

What We Need to Get Started

CO, copies of all rental leases, approved plans and any other relevant info you’d like us to have.

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