We’ll Find The Site Issues Now That’ll Save You Time and Money Later

How it Works

Approvall staff uses their extensive knowledge of building codes and zoning regulations to conduct site inspections to identify all code and zoning non-compliance before a city official inspects the site.

Site visits are also conducted to document as-built conditions so that all relevant plans can be updated to match as-built site conditions. We do this both for record keeping, and for city agency approval.

How We Add Value

Site visits identify potential zoning and code non-compliance during construction. We provide solutions to eliminate costly fixes and reduce delays in completion schedule.

Common Issues We Help Solve

Egress, fire-rated construction, energy code compliance, habitable spaces compliance, life safety issues, stop work orders, and more.

What We Need to Get Started

Approved plans, any violations you've received like stop work orders, work without permit violations, etc.

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